L 02 370 G
Sealed wagon batteries for passenger cars

Sealed maintenacefree during the all life time term industrial batteries of VRLA type with electrolyte are immobilized in the form of gel. Designed specifically for use in rail transport.

Batteries have special tubular design that provides long life term and improved characteristics.

Since 2006 these batteries are succesfully working at railways in Ukraine and abroad.

Since 2013 batteries are exploiting at Hyundai Rotem electric train.

Sections L 02 370 G are used as components completing storage batteries, which are mainly intended to supply power consumers of railway buses with electricity and are designed for operation in conditions covered by M25 group to GOST 17516.


  • maintenace-free during all life time term;
  • it doesn’t need water filling and check of electrolyte’s level;
  • absence of electrolyte leakage even in case of container failure;
  • absence of unhealthy acid fumes in premise or environment during the battery’s operation;
  • very low level of self-discharge. After one year of storage with temperature +20°С batteries will have approximately 65% of initial capacity;
  • possibility of batteries’ operation without special equipped premise;
  • possibility of stage completing of sections, battery ocuppies a small space;
  • doesn’t refer to category of dangerous cargo being transported with the help of any tyes of transport;
  • ability of fast capacity recovering;
  • batteries are delivered to users being filled with electrolyte and charged, they are ready for operation;
  • high economy level of putting into operation as well as maintenance, reduction of costs is about 40%.
  • Electrodes: positive electrode – tubular plate with unique multi-fractional filling, negative electrode – pasted grid plate of complicated ray geometry made of lead-calcium-tin alloy.
  • Separation: special high-porous polymeric separator.
  • Container with common lid: the containers of cells are made of impact and frost-resistant ABS-plastic. Lid with two pole terminals excludes the possibility of errors during battery’s putting into operation and operation itself, provides simplicity of use.
  • Electrolyte: sulfuric acid electrolyte immobilized in the form of gel. Formation and precipitation of sludge which leads to short circuit inside the battery, is absolutely excluded.
  • Performance of pole terminal: bolt M12.
  • System of regulating valves: provides maintenance of overpressure inside the battery as well as recombination of oxygen produced during the process of operation and also the absence of water loss. The battery doesn’t need electrolyte control during all life time term.
  • Assembling of battery – both vertical and horizontal installations are allowed as well as storage arrangement of required section number.
  • Temperature range: from —20 to +45°C (20°C is preferable).
  • Service life: not less than 5 years in case of proper operation and operation in bufer mode.

2 years in case of technical instructions order.


Connection scheme

In battery’s type marking figures and letters mean (for example L 02 370 G):
L — lead-acid battery;
02 — rated voltage, V;
370 — rated capacity, A·h, in 5-hour discharge mode;
G — electrolyte is immobilized in the form of gel.