Sealed stationary batteries VLADAR OPzV 

Sealed maintenance-free stationary batteries produced with “Calcium/Calcium” and VRLA technologies.

Sealed stationary batteries of VLADAR OPzV series are designed for operation in closed premises with high environmental challenges. They are applied as uninterrupted power supply at electric power stations and substations, communications and telegraph centrals and for other types of uninterrupted energy supply equipment at the constant recharge and charge-discharge modes.

  • Both electrodes are made of patented lead-calcium-tin alloy providing long battery service life.
  • Positive electrode — tubular plate filled with unique multi-fractional active material providing higher cell lifetime along with required electrical characteristics.
  • Negative electrode — pasted grid plate.
  • Separation: electrodes are separated by special high-porous separator made of polymeric materials.
  • Container and lid: made of impact plastic that enables easy service and mechanical stability during all service life.
  • Electrolyte: GEL.
  • System of regulating valves: special plugs with regulating valve provide maintenance of overpressure inside the battery as well as recombination of oxygen produced during the process of operation and as a result – the absence of water loss.
  • Pole terminal: sealed pole terminal for bolt M10.
  • Connectors: flexible connectors FROETEK (Germany).
  • Temperature range: from -20 to +45°С (+20°С is preferable).
  • Installation: all standard installations in vertical position and on isolated racks are acceptable.