Traction batteries PzS for mine electric locomotives
Traction batteries VLADAR PzS for mine electric locomotives

Lead-type lead-acid battery batteries (PzS) for a wide range of floor transport and other equipment working on electric traction.

The products of the brand “VLADAR” are known for their high quality and meet modern requirements of operation and safety.

Traction batteries type PzS are designed for use in power systems of electric forklift trucks, stackers, electric cars, and other types of floor transport. The table of applicability of VLADAR PzS batteries for loaders, stackers, electric cars of various manufacturers is constantly replenished: BALCANCAR, KOMATSU, STILL, LINDE, JUNGHEINRICH, BOSS,DOOSAN-DAEWOO, DIMEX

At the request of the customer, the voltage and capacity of the battery, the dimensions of the battery box, the connection circuit of the battery, the types of jumpers and pole pins can be coordinated individually!

  • A positive electrode, made in the form of a tubular plate, with a unique composition of the active mass, provides increased durability of the elements while maintaining the required electrical characteristics.
  • A negative electrode is a pasted lattice plate made from a low-antimony-lead alloy with an Sb content of less than 2% and the introduction of special additives to ensure a long service life of the batteries (at least 1500 charge-discharge cycles).
  • Separation: the electrodes are separated by a highly porous separator made of polymer materials.
  • Housing and cover: casing of elements made of impact resistant copolymerpropylene.
    The battery box, which is included in the delivery, is made of sheet metal with a unique multi-layered anti-impact and anti-corrosion polymer coating.
  • Electrolyte: an aqueous solution of sulfuric acid with a density of 1.270 ± 0.005 g / cm3.
  • Safety plugs: fitted with hinged covers for easy electrolyte monitoring and water topping; Prevent the spark from entering the cell.
  • Jumpers: a) from massive copper in the version for the bolted connection, b) flexible cable, c) lead cast.
  • Temperature range: -20 to + 45 ° C.

Warranty period 2 years.