Traction batteries of PzS type

TOV HAZ VLADAR presents a series of storage batteries: traction lead-acid batteries of PzS type for a wide range of floor vehicles and other electric traction equipment.

Production of “Vladar” trade mark is well known by its high quality and it meets present requirements for exploitation and safety.

Traction batteries of PzS type are applied for loader engine’s feed circuit, stacker trucks, and electric carts as well as for the other types of floor vehicles.

Battery voltage and capacity, battery box sizes, battery connection scheme, connectors’ types and pole terminal types can be discussed with each customer individually!

  • Electrodes: positive electrode – tubular plate, negative electrode – pasted grid plate made of low antimony-lead alloy (Sb content up to 2%).
  • Separation: is made of polymeric materials; the separator prevents premature dislodging of active mass and helps to keep electrolyte on the whole electrode height. Thanks to that there is lower loss of capacity during battery’s operational life time.
  • Sludge area: each cell has a sludge area below the plate; this area is big enough to keep sludge during all battery’s life time.
  • Case and lid are made of hit resistant copolymer propylene.
  • Battery box is included to delivery set and is made of a sheet metal with unique multilayer hit and corrosion resistant polymer coating.
  • Electrolyte: water solution of sulfuric acid with density 1.270±0.005g/cm3.
  • Safety plugs prevent penetration of spark into a cell.
  • Connectors: а) are made of solid copper for bolt connection, b) flexible cable, c) are lead and cast.
  • Temperature range: -20 to +45° С.