Traction batteries 6V PzV for floor transport

Block-type sealed traction batteries of the PzV type are designed for various types of electric floor transport, golf carts, and harvesting equipment. They are intended for supplying electric motors of machines of trackless electrified transport in charge-discharge mode in conditions of group M28 in accordance with GOST 17516.1.


– Batteries are environmentally safe!

– Extremely low self-discharge.

– Improved electrical characteristics.

  • Electrodes: made of lead-calcium-tin alloy, which provides improved electrical characteristics of batteries in cyclic operation modes.
  • Positive electrode: armored (tubular) plate with multifraction filling PLUDERTEC®, which allows to extend the service life in addition.
  • Negative electrode: cast pasted grating plate of improved geometry.
  • Separation: special microporous separator made of polymer materials.
  • Electrolyte is immobilized in the form of a gel with the use of the latest technological developments. ATTENTION! PzV batteries do not require checking the level and density of the electrolyte throughout its life.
  • Battery housings: made of impact-resistant frost-resistant plastic.
  • Operating temperature range: -20 to +45 ° C (preferably +20 ° C).
  • Service life: depends on operating conditions.

Warranty period 2 years.