Vladar Univert Single-Phase Inverters 

Pure Sine Wave Inverter and an integrated charger with optimised charging programs.

VLADAR UNIVERT Pure Sine Wave Inverter/Charger is designed for operation in closed premises. Vladar Univert is an adaptable single-phase inverter/charger system with dual AC power inputs. Available photovoltaic charge controllers, monitoring, and automated generator control ports enable further adaptability. The Vladar Univert is a scalable system that allows operating in the three-phase configuration as required. Adaptable and scalable, the Vladar Univert is the one solution for many different power needs.

  • System scaling –  three Univert devices can be installed in a three-phase configuration.
  • Smart grid/generator interaction – integrates both grid and generator power with dual AC inputs.
  • Power source priority selection — different power sources  (AC1 grid, AC2 generator and DC alternative power source) can be set in the order of priority preferred by the user .
  • High surge power – system is suitable for heavy inductive loads.
  • Flexible — supports charging of AGM, OPzV, PzS, OPzS, Semitraction and Lithium Ion battery packs.
  • Smart charger – multi-program/ equalizing charge scheduler/ thermal compensation
  • Charger block – system enables the user to schedule specific charging times, e.g. if energy tariffs vary through the day.
  • Power save mode – power consumption is reduced to approximately 5 Watts.
  • Automatic generator start (AGS) – without external ATS , built-in AGS can be used to start the generator when the battery runs low.
  • Temperature range: from -25 to +70°С (20-25°С is preferable).
  • Easy Installation – system configures quickly into compact wall-mounted system.
  • System application – residential grid-tie solar with backup power,self-consumption, backup power, off-grid solar
  • Comprehensive protection – system protects against overloading , overheating, short circuiting, battery overheating, battery undervoltage.
  • Cloud monitoring system – displays real-time system data in easily- accessible format.
  • Balance-of-system components integrates battery bank, photovoltaic charge controllers and generators.
  • Designed for reliability.