Vladar Univert
Innovative smart off-line invertor and charging VLADAR Univert

VLADAR Univert is a basic unit: a pure sine inverter and an integrated charger with a sophisticated adaptive battery charge technology. A color screen with touch control buttons and an intuitive user interface allows you to visually display all data of inverter operation, which ensures easy system monitoring at any time.

Besides the basic functions VLADAR Univert performs many additional ones.
System Scaling
Auxiliary relays
Functions of interactive interaction with the network
  •  Selecting the priority of the power source
  • Time Planning
  • Priority of battery charging
Power consumption limitation
Lowered power consumption of the inverter
Multi-stage charger
Automation of the battery maintenance process
Connection of Multiple Photoelectric Charge Controllers
Clear vision and complete equipment control
Wi-Fi support


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One compact case includes:

  • A set of maintenance-free lead-acid batteries
  • A special invertor
  • A set of electronic module for balancing and monitoring system

Moreover the system includes a special unit for solar connection. This option also extends your possibilities and ensures additional saving of electricity. The system is very easy to connect and use.